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About David

Hey, I’m Dave!

I’m extremely excited and honoured to be the Greens candidate for the Holland Park Ward. 

I’ve lived in the Holland Park area all my life and my family's connection to the area dates back over six decades.

My parents, siblings, nieces and nephews all call Holland Park home. I attended Cavendish Road High School and was secretary for a local footy club for years.

I am a proud First Nations man. 

I work for Brisbane City Council, alongside our libraries and other important public spaces, and can see how important it is to maintain popular public spaces.

I’m passionate about accessibility, and making sure no-one is stuck at home due to old age, ill health or disability.

I'd love to see well-connected communities, where we know our neighbours, and can enjoy beautiful public parks and community gardens together.

I'd love to see a great public transport system that connects us with friends, family, shops, entertainment and essential services.

I'm passionate about music, art, and sport, and see the power of these to build community. Imagine street festivals and basketball hoops, vibrant public spaces full of art and shady places to quietly meet. Let's have regular celebrations of the cultures, foods and languages spoken in this area. 

Over the past decade, we’ve seen developers and corporations get a big say on how our city grows. With planning for the Olympics underway, we need representatives who will fight for local people. 

Brisbane City Council has a huge annual budget and its decisions impact our daily lives. After 19-years of LNP governance (and taking our votes for granted), Council is well overdue for a shake-up.

I love this diverse community and I'm ready to fight for you.

If this speaks to you, we'd absolutely love your support to win this ward.


You can find more information about voting for Dave in the upcoming council election here.